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Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

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Backwards Braid Pigtails Hairstyle Instruction
I’ve been playing with braids lately and here’s one of the looks I’ve been wearing!
First pin your fringe out of the way and split your hair into two sections.
Take a small section of hair at the top front of the head and split it into 3.
Underhand plait it a couple of times to secure it.
To underhand plat, pull each strand under then over rather than over/under of a regular plait.
Now with every strand you plait under/over pick up another small piece of hair from the side.
Every few steps pull all of the strands tight so the braid is even.
Because you’re braiding under/over you should end up with a braid which sticks up on the side of the head.
This video assumes you have a basic knowledge of braiding so I’ll link to some beginners videos in the description.
Once you reach the ear, continue plaiting the rest of the way down and pin it for the moment.
Tie it all up with an elastic near your ear. Now you can undo the rest of the plait below the band.
Take a little strand from the back and wrap it around to hide the band.
Secure it at the back with a pin.
Brush through the ponytail and then recurl the ends if they need it.
Easy done.
So it’s just a matter of repeating on the other side now.
Take a small strand from the top and do the underhand plait again.
I find that to get the most even braids it helps not to pull it tight with every movements.
Do two or three and then pull them all tight together.
By not pulling tight the entire time you’ll find it’s harder to end up with that one irritating strand tighter than the rest if that irritates you for the rest of the day too.
Again, plaiting the strand to the bottom.
Elastic and then wrapped with hair to hide it all.
Cute and very pretty!
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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