Round up time!

The lovely Becky reminded me this week that I never got around to putting up the Bergamot desktop background for you guys to download, completely slipped my mind >_<

So here it is, just click it to go to the large version and Save As. I’m thinking I’ll probably do some more of these because they’re really fun to draw so maybe something watercolour next time. Let me know if you have any requests!

Violet LeBeaux and Bergamot Bunny Free Wallpaper

Also I’m back posting on the beauty section of the blog again this week after a bit of a break. It’s taken me a while to get back into organisation mode this month but it’s back full swing again! There might be some competitions going up there this month too as well as one here so keep an eye out.

Beauty Reviews from the week:

You might have noticed the new navigation bar on the top of the blog, I’ve been listening to the feedback you guys give me and I’m trying to implement at least one of them a week. This navigation bar is on pretty much every site on mine now so you should be able to navigate consistently between everything almost as if you were browsing one site. I’ll be updating the lower nav bars this week hopefully to remove any link doubles. As always, suggestions are welcome!

In video news I’ve started a second channel just for my V-Logs so if you enjoyed them feel free to subscribe over here! The main channel will be just for tutorials now and the personal stuff will be over on the V-Log channel.

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