Nice and simple craft today! I’ve been playing around with paperclay a lot and I’m even going to try to make my own paperclay sometime soon I think.

The thing that I always go back to when I can’t think of anything else to make with clay/sculpy/hard icing is basic roses.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-96_1332 copy

So this is the way I make them ^_^

Start by rolling a heap of small clay balls in various sizes. You want small ones for the middle and large ones for the outer petals.VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-86_1331 copyUse a finger to smoosh the edge of one of the balls.VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-87_1331 copyIt should form a thin side and a thicker rounded edge which will end up being the round part of the petal.VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-88_1331 copy

Repeat with all of the petals so they are ready to work with. If you want you can dip your finger in water and smooth down any cracks in the edges but I prefer to leave them or even exaggerate them as it creates a really interesting effect.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-89_1331 copy

To for the rose, start with a small petal and roll it between your fingers like this:

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-90_1331 copy

Roll the bottom of the petal together a little harder so it forms a stem:

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-91_1331 copy

Now add a slightly bigger petal and roll it around the other side so it encases the edge of the first petal.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-92_1331 copy

Add another petal so it’s edge is in the middle of the second petal. As you go, roll the petals with a little bit more force at the bottom so the clay squishes together between your fingers to form a stem. Be careful not to disturb the petals when you do it though.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-93_1331 copy

Continue adding petals this way going around the flower in a circular pattern starting the edge of each petal 1/3rd of the way across the previous petal.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-95_1331 copy

Just keep going until you think you’ve got a good size and let it all dry!

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-96_1332 copy

If you want you can clean up the stem and roll it a bit more evenly, I generally cut it of so the flower sits flat in whatever craft I’m doing.

VioletLeBeaux-clay-rose-tutorial-97_1332 copy

Do you guys have something you automatically make? I seem to just make these on auto pilot whenever I get clay in my hands XD

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