Tokyo Wink False Lashes

Price: $5.95

Obtained: PR sent for review.


Tokyo Wink is a lash brand who have just opened their Australian branch and sent me some lashes to try out. The first ones I tried were “Date Night” as seen above. One thing I noticed is that all of the lashes are HUGE. I picked designs that were similar to ones I have used in the past and the first thing I saw when actually seeing them physically were how long and gigantic the lashes were!

Date Night were crazy long and gave a very pretty dramatic look. I don’t normally have to cut lashes because I have big eyes but all of these designs I needed to cut down to fit. These were a lot thicker than I expected from the photo on the store but very pretty none the less.

They were lighter than a lot of lashes I’ve used too.


The next set was “Armenian” these are the kind that I normally wear for special occasions. Again they are almost as long as the Date Night ones and very lightweight and feathery. I think they would be good for people who haven’t had much lash experience.


Next on the list was the Standard 11 which are the kind of thing I would wear every day. Again they are very long and luscious while being light and maintaining a very steep curve. By cutting them down to fit I had the ends extra which could be layered on the outer corner for a more dramatic look.


Lastly were the lower lashes “Vivid“. These needed cutting too and I found the design to be very pretty but a little unpredictable as many of the strands were at different lengths. I found these to go with my look better if I just added them as accents over the lower lashes rather than an entire strip.



Also included were some lash tweezers which were very nice quality. I personally can’t get the hang of them but I’ve been using fingers for forever so I’m quite biased, I think these would be good for beginners starting out.


Overall I thinkt he lashes were quite good quality, the prices ranged from around $9.95-12.95 and each set had 5 pairs. That’s a lot cheaper than buying individually here but more expensive than somewhere bulk like ebay. The packaging was very cute and the styles were versatile. None of the packets came with glue but that didn’t bother me because I never use the glue that comes with lashes anyway.

If you want to try some of the out, TokyoWink has given us a 20% discount code, just enter “Violet” at checkout.

Would I buy Tokyo Wink False Lashes again: Yes I would because they have a lot of styles I like and now have an Australian branch so shipping should be less expensive than somewhere overseas. Quality was nice.

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