Yay it’s Snapshots day! I’m starting to catch up with backlog from December and next week will probably be the Zoo so be prepared for lots of super cute animal shots 😀

A few months ago a new Swarovski store opened in the Bourke St mall and I’ve become a little obsessed with it, every time I go past the shininess attracts me in XD


It’s stocked with a lot of Hello Kitty stuff in there too so there’s a lot for me to drool over!VioletLeBeaux-Swarovski-GF3-Melbourne-Review00125_1013 copyCan you imagine a Bergamot done in this style? Completely deco? I totally want to make one!


The Christmas displays were so cute, if I ever become rich and decide to change my tree I think I’ll stick a little Billy Idol head to this one:


Argh just drool everywhere so much bling!


Bling pens!


And the coolest anti theft system ever, the rings are attached to bling weights under the counter *_*


Best part though? GIGANTIC DIAMANTE COVERED CHAIR! I need one of these for at home!


I love going in there so much, the staff are always so friendly and never pushy. In fact the lady that was serving us that day was so nice that I wrote to the manager to give good feedback about her (I think good service should be rewarded!). To say thank you for saying thank you they mailed me a trinket box *_* That is just so… nice! And I had to write back to say thank you and it ended up being a big circle of thank yous that become quite confusing hahaha!


I can’t believe how nice that was! And just from that one attendant being so helpful they now have a very loyal customer in me. I think other Australian retailers could learn a lot from good in store service like that because (generally speaking) the retail service in Aus is very much below the rest of the world.


Now that I’ve gotten my current obsession out of the way, let’s revisit an old obsession: Melbourne Architecture!


Melbourne skyscapes will never cease to amaze me.


There have been butterflies absolutely everywhere at our apartment the last few months. I don’t know where they’re all coming from but they keep getting stuck inside our windows and it’s adorable.


So pretty but there have been bees too which seem to think the stars on the windows are flowers *_*


Silly bees, these are flowers!violetlebeauxp1050180_9463-copy


This is one of my favorite buskers at the moment, his little skeleton is a puppet who sings old classic songs and dances too. So cute!


Ice chocolate at Koko Black, I never thought I’d say it but I think I’m sick of stores like Koko, I’m much more interested in trying smaller out of the way places. When we have some more money James and I want to start exploring the city every week and going down all of the alleys we miss when we’re in a hurry then ending each trip at a small cafe. I think that would be such a nice way to spend a weekend.


I could take my sketch book and paint while we sit.


And we could take more photos around town, I’m really starting to enjoy photography with my new camera. This is my favorite photo of James ever.


Realistically I think we’ll just end up doing more of this…


Hope you enjoyed the snapshots, what have you all been up to this week?


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