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After I made the kitty sleep mask James gave me an idea to make a customisable one which could spell out a message to people looking. His suggestion of what it should spell was somewhat… inappropriate but I loved the idea and so this is what came out!


So if you’d like to make your own customisable sleep mask you need:

  • Black felt
  • Thick velcro
  • Other felt for the letters (I’m using grey)
  • Needle/thread
  • Ribbon or elastic to attach it
  • Lace or more ribbon for edging
  • Matching thick ribbon or more felt to match.
Start by cutting out the mask shape from your black felt, this will be the backing that everything gets sewn to.
VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-41_1386 copy
Cut a piece of thick velcro which is the same width as the mask, the thicker the velcro is the bigger your letters can be so I chose a very big one. You will only need the pointy side of the velcro for this, not the soft one. The pointy side will hold felt letters fine but if you want to use something else to make the letters just add the soft part of the velcro to the back of them so they stick.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-42_1387 copy

Now we need something to cover the edges and the rest of the backing. I had some pretty matching ribbon but you could also use some more felt. So cut a piece to go above and below the velcro like this:

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-45_1387 copy

The velcro makes it a bit harder to work with than regular fabric so pin it all in place.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-46_1387 copy

And then cut it to shape.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-49_1387 copy

To hold it all together you will need to edge it, I hand stitched some lace around all of the sides. If you didn’t want to use lace you could use matching ribbon or bias binding tape. Make sure you encase all of the raw edges in the lace so nothing can come undone later.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-50_1387 copy

At this point you probably want to stop and have a bit of a giggle that you’ve inadvertently created a Kanye West style shutter glasses sleep mask XD If you’re into that kind of thing you could always just stop here haha!

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-53_1388 copy

Now you need a way of attaching it to your head, I sewed a piece of lace on each side to form ties but you could also use elastic.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-54_1388 copy

Now cut out the words you want to spell from matching felt. If you want you could also cut out several options to use depending on your mood.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-57_1388 copy

Press them firmly to the velcro and you’ve got a descriptive sleep mask!

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-61_1388 copy

Now if the mask actually said what my brain thought when people wake me up from naps it wouldn’t be suitable for the internet 😉


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