Quick update on the Bergamot store, it is happening just slowly! I’m waiting for quotes from a couple of companies which might be able to solve the postal issues I’ve had and I’m also looking at professional production. So don’t worry I’m still working on it!

This tutorial is probably not something which is useful for me in the middle of a hot Summer here in Aus but I think the majority of you guys are in Winter now and I was making presents for overseas friends so here’s a Winter tutorial in the middle of my Summer… if that makes sense!

This is my little Bergamot pocket warmer ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-702_1402 copy

You need:

  • Polar fleece
  • Lace
  • Needle and thread
  • Embroider thread (optional)
  • Lace
  • Rice or something similar to put inside.
Gather all of your materials together and sketch out the shape of Bergamot’s head onto the polar fleece.
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-685_1401 copy
Basically it’s an oval with two ears on the side, don’t cut between the ears.
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-687_1401 copy
Cut out two pieces in this shape. Of course you could make them any shape you want… I just have a serious Bergamot obsession!
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-688_1401 copy
Put the two pieces good sides together and use the needle and thread to blanket stitch around the outside, stop when you have 2cm gap.
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-690_1401 copy
Flip the whole thing inside out. through the hole.
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-692_1401 copy
You should have something like this…
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-693_1402 copy
Fill the head with some rice. You don’t need more than a handful, just enough so it’s not flat.
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-695_1402 copy
Stitch the hole shut completely. I also stitched across the ears and up between them so they look more like ears.
VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-696_1402 copy
To make it a bit more Bergamot-ish I added a little lace bow and then her V as a nose. I completely forgot the hearts in the ears >_< I’m planning to make a whole lot more of these so hearts next time haha!

VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-698_1402 copy

So there you go! Perfect for Winter, just make sure you don’t use anything meltable/flammable in the construction then pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds to warm up. Keep it in your pocket in winter or make two and pop them in your slippers 😀 Now if only I could come up with one of these that was cooling, it’s sooooooo hot right now ;_;

VioletLeBeaux-DIY-handwarmer-697_1402 copy

Someone want to come to my house and pour ice all over me? Or bring a snow machine and turn my apartment into a winter wonderland? Yes please!


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