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Curling Ends Using a Mini Straightener Hair Style Instructions.
Today I’m going to show you how I curl the ends of my hair using a mini straightener.
Mine is a little travel one, perfect size for me.
First section your hair in half.
Divide one half into front and back sections and pin the front out of the way.
Brush through the back which we’ll be working with forst.
Apply a heat protector spray too.
Take a small section of hair and brush it smooth.
Clamp the straightener on the strand around 1/3rd down and then wrap the bottom of the hair completely around the straightener once.
Rotate the straightener in place backwards.
Keep rotating until the end of the hair is pointing straight down again.
Holding the end of the strand gently more the straightener down the hair.
When you get around half way it helps to hold the top of the strand to gently pull it through the straightener.
So this all the way to the very end concentrating on the tips.
It should come out as a wave at the top and a nice round ringlet at the bottom.
So again.
Clamp the straightener.
Wrap the tail around it.
Rotate the straightener so the tail is pointed downwards.
Gently pull the hair through it.
It really helps not to clamp the straightener down too hard.
If it’s too tight you will need to pull the hair through with too much force and that will ruin the curl.
It can be really awkward to get the hang of first but practice to get the twisting motion right really helps.
And there’s another bouncy curl!
So at this point it’s a matter of repeating those steps until you run out of hair.
Once you master the twisting that makes the curls you can twist strands the opposite way so the curl spirals either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the style you want.
It’s a good idea to twist them different ways otherwise they can mash together to form a gigantic super curl after a while.
So that’s one section done!
Use some hairspray to set everything in place.
So let the front section on the same side down and continue.
I like the curls around my face to be tighter so I start higher up and take more time on each curl.
If one of them doesn’t work just wait for it to cool down and try again.
Or if you want to curl it more up the top recurl the section making sure to follow the original curve of the curl.
This is how I fix up one of the strands which wasn’t quite as curly as the others.
No you just need to do the other half. I usually do this while watching tv otherwise it can get pretty boring…
Unfortunately you guys are just stuck watching me.
Though maybe you’re trying to do this along with the video so I’m kind of like the tv.
Bam! Curly ends.
There are so many styles you can do with this hair but my favorite is just to add a hair bow or usamimi. Cute.
If all of your curls spiral in the same direction you might find them coming together into a gigantic monster sausage curl during the day.
If that’s the case you can separate and recurl with your fingers and add some hairspray.
You can also encourage a couple of them to rotate the other way with your fingers.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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