Food Friday will be back next week once I get some more ingredients for baking 😀

So until then I thought I would show you how I made some fun little Bergamot shaped magnets out of paperclay! Paperclay is such a fun and challenging medium, even after playing around with it for so long I still find it hard to get it to do what I want, I think that’s half the fun though!

There’s a video of this coming too soon ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0631_1395 copy

You need:

  • Paperclay (I’m going to try out a recipe I found to make my own next time, tutorial on that to come!)
  • Magnet
  • Hot glue
  • Watercolour paint
This is the paperclay I’m using, it’s from Tokuya.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0562_1389 copy
I like how fluffy and tearable it is.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0563_1389 copy
Start by making a ball for the body, it should be around 2cm wide. Press it so it sits slightly flat.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0565_1389 copy
Press your thumb into the top to make an indent.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0566_1389 copy
You should get something like this…
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0567_1389 copy
It helps to do all of this on a flat surface that you can easily peel it off later. You might want to put some cling wrap down to make it easier later.
Now make two long slightly flat sausages for the ears and place them down here…
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0568_1389 copy
Press the ends down again with your thumb.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0570_1389 copy
Make a nice big slightly oval shape for the face and lay it over the top of the body/ears. The head should fit easily in the indents you already made. You should add a tiny bit of water to the indents so the head sticks down.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0572_1390 copy
Let’s make some arms and legs! Make two little balls and squish them into ovals, smoosh the ends with your thumb again and using some water, stick them to the sides of the body in this area:
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0573_1390 copy
And do the same with two smaller balls on the front of the body. With the legs done you should have something like this:
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0574_1390 copy
If you find any cracks or odd things out of place just dip your finger in a little water and smooth over them.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0576_1390 copy
Also add a little bow to the front near the ears. Wait for the front to dry a little bit and flip Bergamot over. Now smooth all of the back joins with a wet finger so it’s really well stuck together.
VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0575_1390 copy
Leave it to dry completely and then hot glue a magnet to the back.

VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0632_1395 copy

The last thing to do is paint on some details. I used watercolour paint because it was on hand already and soaked into the clay easily. You could also use a marker or pen.

Bergamot has little hearts in her ears, big black eyes, blushing cheeks, little mouth and a V on her foot.

VioletLeBeaux-bergamot-clay-magnet-0631_1395 copy

And that’s it! Little Bergamot magnets to live on your fridge 😀 These are so much quicker to make than actual Bergamots so I want to make some other animals now as gifts!

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