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Mini Curl Wand and 3 Quick Hair Style Instructions
Lots of curly styles using a mini styling wand.
Today I’m going to take my new Remmington mini wand for a test run and use it to create several different styles.
First thing is to section your hair into four.
Start working with the bottom back section and separate a one inch piece.
Wrap the piece of hair around the thick end of the wand once it secure it.
Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the hair.
Be careful not to burn your fingers.
Wait around 10 seconds then unwrap the hair again gently.
Tadaa curl.
Continue taking small sections of hair and curling them in this way.
I got a bit distracted on a phone call so this one was extra curly.
The smaller the sections you take, the curlier the end result.
I like to curl the front sections extra well so they frame my face.
Straight from the rod, these curls come out very defined.
In a moment I’ll show you how to style them differently.
Once you do the other side you should have something like this.
The curl type reminds me a lot of the 1990’s so the first style I thought of was curly volumous pigtails.
For this you need to split your hair in two sections, hold one just above your ear.
Twist once upwards on the side of the head and pin above the twist.
Repeat and enjoy pretending to be in a 90’s cheerleader movie.
Another style right after curling is a simple updo.
Pull the hair upwards into a high ponytail and twist.
Pin in place or just use a wide tooth clip.
Arrange the curls so they cascade over your head.
For an extra dose of the 90’s you can add a zigzag part to your fringe using a bobby pin.
Easy style #2 done!
Now from your original curl, you can actually create several different kinds.
The simple next step is to brush through them with your fingers so they separate slightly.
See the difference on the left and right sides?
This makes it much more relaxed.
Gently running a brush through will create a gentle waved effect.
Again, see the difference between the brushed side on the left and the side I ran my fingers through on the right.
In fact, waves like this are perfect for a Jessica Rabbit-ish look.
Just start by making a deep side part.
Pull a little hair back from the side with the part and pin it.
Blow dry or use a styler for extra fringe volume.
All you need now is some red lipstick to top it off.
Add a black and white filter and you’re done!
I like to be economical with my curls so I don’t have to head style it as often.
To make them last several days this is my schedule:
Day one: curled updo.
Day two: separate with fingers and leave down.
Day three: brush out for waves.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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