These are the easiest Christmas baubles in the universe. So easy in fact that I made them on Christmas Eve because it was our first day off.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-christmas-bauble-tutorial-60_1328 copy

You need:

  • Cheap baubles, I got mine in a pack of 30 for $5
  • Puff paint
  • A gel pen to draft designs

VioletLeBeaux-custom-christmas-bauble-tutorial-49_1327 copy

Use a gel pen to draw the outline of your design on the baubles. This step is optional but I didn’t want to ruin any before I got the hang of working with the puff paint.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-christmas-bauble-tutorial-51_1327 copy

Pipe on your design… DONE.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-christmas-bauble-tutorial-53_1327 copy

Leave them to dry overnight, I used an ice cube tray and some egg cups to make sure they didn’t roll over during the night. It’s easier to actually paint them if you use egg cups as stands too because I can’t tell you how many I screwed up accidentally dropping them and smooshing puff paint everywhere. Luckily if it’s still wet you can just wipe it off and start again.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-christmas-bauble-tutorial-56_1328 copy

Yay for the best Billy Idol Day tree ever 😀

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