I made a lot of gifts as Christmas presents this year, a lot of my friends travel often so I thought I could make travel masks personalised to each friend.

The first one I made was one of my favorite shapes: kitty shaped haha!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

So what you need:

  • Black felt
  • Pink leopard print polar fleece
  • Ribbon
  • Thread, needle, scissors
  • Decoration, I’m using a crochet flower

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0496_1382 copy

Start by cutting out the basic shapes. You want it to be as wide as the person you’re making it for’s face and tall enough to get from forehead to cheeks. The basic shape is straight along the top and then with two large curves along the bottom.

Cut one out of black felt and one out of the polar fleece. You will also need two triangles for the ears.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0500_1382 copy

Cut some sleepy eye shapes out of the felt too.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0503_1383 copy

The ears will be pleated so they puff up a bit.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0501_1382 copy

This will be the layout for the final mask:

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0519_1384 copy

Stitch on the eye pieces with needle and thread.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0520_1384 copy

Taadaa 😉

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0523_1385 copy

Stitch the pleat in the ears and then place them good side down on to the face area like this:

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0524_1385 copy

Put the black felt piece on top and stitch around the entire outside leaving only a 3cm gap at the start.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0527_1385 copy

Turn the whole thing inside out through the hole.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0531_1385 copy

And then stitch the hole up.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0532_1386 copy

Add a little decoration to one ear like a flower or bow and it’s almost finished!

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0535_1386 copy

The last step is to add a ribbon or elastic to either side so there is some way to actually wear it 😉

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0536_1386 copy

And that’s basically it, you just need to find a willing model to try it out!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

Shh nap time!

VioletLeBeauxP1030924_1425 copy

These are so much fun to make, I want to make lots of different shapes now 😀

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