So continuing on with the photo version of tutorials I’ve made videos of here’s the double pouf style which kind of looks like kitty ears.

Here’s the video version of the tutorial:

Insert terrible kitty face action… oh wait here’s one!


What you need:

  • Brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
Start by brushing out your hair.
Grab a section at the front by putting your finger at the top of your ear and moving upwards.


Brush it upward at a 45degree angle.


Twist it up towards the part a few times, the twist should be around half way down the piece of hair like this:


Fold the piece of hair in half and hold the twist to your scalp. It should form a little bump like this…


Pin it in place by pushing one pin back into the pouf and one across so they form an “X”.


Repeat on the other side.


It might take a few tries to get right. The more you twist them the pointier the ears become.


From the back it looks like this:


And from the side…


Taadaa! This takes around 5 minutes to do once you get used to twisting it so it’s a nice alternative to just leaving your hair down.


Hope this was useful and there will be more photo hair tutorials to come 😀


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