My brain is still kinda in holiday mode so today’s round up is just the V-Logs plus a Morning Make Up. I recorded 8 more hair tutorials today so I’ll get to work editing them and have the first ones up next week… but for now all I can think about is playing Assassin’s Creed, painting with the genius water brush I got today and doing crafty things. I’m feeling so inspired that I want to do as many things as I can while I have this feeling!

There are a bajillion snapshots on the way from the Zoo (and all the other stuff I did this month but if you want to see some of them in video form here’s the daily V-Logs James and I have been doing 😀
Morning Make Up-

Day 19-

Day 20-

Day 21-

Day 22-

Day 23-

Day 24-

Day 25-

Day 26-

Day 27-

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