I feel a bit weird posting things about stuff I have but a lot of people have asked to see my polish collection and as I was clearing it out I figured it was as good a time as any to catalogue them.

Currently I’m storing them on a small plastic set of shelves in my cupboard so nothing very interesting but once I sort it out with the nail art stuff I’ll show you the whole set out.

When your nail polish collection gets to this stage you know you have a problem.


So colour sorted it looks like this:VioletLeBeaux-Nail-Polish-Collection_4097_8690And in my big crazy clean out I cut it down to this (slightly) more reasonable pile.


Individually here is what it was like before, most of these are super cheap ones that James buys when I’m sad about something ^_^


And some more random polish photos because I just like seeing colour coded things all lined up 😀


So there you go! I’m really glad to cull the collection a bit because it’s pretty out of hand XD 1/2 gone now though! Cleaning things out makes me happy!


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