Time for some outfits and make up!

Let’s start with some make up, this was what I wore to the Melbourne Youtube Partners meeting. I have lots of photos from that for the next snapshots post and it was so interesting getting to know some of the other Australian Youtubers.

VioletLeBeaux-make-up-FOTD-00474_1064 copy

I’ve been loving having my hair curled like this and I’m completely obsessed with usamimis again.

VioletLeBeaux-make-up-FOTD-00477_1064 copyBetter shots of the make up…VioletLeBeaux-make-up-FOTD-00484_1065 copyVioletLeBeaux-make-up-FOTD-00485_1065 copyVioletLeBeaux-make-up-FOTD-00483_1065 copy

This next one was the outfit I wore to the Topshop opening here, I’m super classy so I took the photos at McDonalds afterwards 😉

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-00952_1136 copy

Dress: Jesus Diamante
Stockings: Ambra
Cardigan: Myer
Shoes: Mini Maos

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-00950_1135 copy

My favorite part is the shoes 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-00953_1136 copy

Now some of the outfits I wore while we were in Queensland! This was the only photo I got before the humidity destroyed my curls. I can’t believe I didn’t notice until now that I have my phone stuffed down my top >_< I was waiting for James to call me while trying to pack my bags and apparently I thought that was a good time to take photos, so much fail at multi tasking!

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-10335_1174 copy

Dress: Infanta
Scarf: Can’t remember
Jumper: Femme Connection
Stockings: Myer leggings I changed to stockings
Shoes: Gift
Hair accessory: made my me

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-10371_1177 copy

You know one of the best parts of staying at James’ parents house? Gigantic well lit mirror to take photos in front of!

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-10995_1240 copy

Shirt: Savers
Shorts: Modified from Femme Connection
Usamimi- Junk store

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-10999_1240 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-20003_1240 copyVioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-20011_1241 copy

And the mini styling wand obsession continues with this outfit XD

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-20248_1265 copy

Dress: Ice Outlet store.

I really wish I’d remembered to take hairspray to QLD because the heat just killed any styling I tried to do after around 20 minutes! Next time ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-Cute-Outfit-20250_1265 copy

Have you guys got anything cool planned for the holidays this year?