Long time no round up! I didn’t even realise it was Christmas this weekend, where on earth has December gone?! I haven’t even started getting presents yet… FAIL! Lots of crafting this week though to make up for it 😀

And I’ve almost finished making the basic hime gyaru dress for the tutorial you guys have been asking about for years now… so hurrah!

A lot of people have asked if I will be selling the little Bergamot bunnies. The answer is YES. I am hand sewing the first few batches and that takes time. The first lot will go up for sale on Wednesday (my time) and there will be 11 of them. So if you want one keep an eye out for the announcement here. They take quite a bit of time to make so I’m not sure how long it will be between batches at the moment.

Obviously I won’t be able to post them in time for Christmas (unless you’re in Melbourne and want to arrange pick up) but this lot will come with a downloadable form which you can print and give on Christmas if you’re buying as a present for someone.

Depending on the demand I may open a pre-ordering system for the next batch but I’m not sure on that yet, any suggestions or requests are welcome!

Even though I haven’t been updating daily here (which is going to change now we’ve got the net back) I have been doing my daily V-Logs. I have 18 days  up and running so far, I think we left off last time at day 5 so here’s the rest so far including lots of scenic views of our trip to Queensland! Hopefully you guys enjoy James and I arguing and making fun of each other because there’s a lot of that!

Day 6-

Day 7-

Day 8-

Day 9-

Day 10-

Day 11-

Day 12-

Day 13-

Day 14-

Day 15-

Day 16-

Day 17-

Day 18-

Also here are all of the beauty reviews that went up while I was away:

Right! I think that’s enough from me for now, I have to run to the post office and see if I can express some presents *_* I may just give up and send them all next week so I have more time to make them thoughtful.

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