Greeting card season so I’m going to do some more ideas this year 😀 I did some last year too so take a look at this post for a lace doily version. This one is how I make a bunch of mini cards with a basic design that I can personalise later.


So what you need:

  • Paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Some plastic hard surface you can glue to
  • nail file or plastic wrap
So first step is thinking of a decent design. I wasn’t feeling too creative so I just wrote love with some hearts. You need to write it onto the surface you’re going to stamp with, I’m using some random plastic container. The design needs to be backwards for the stamp to print the right way so I wrote it right way around  on the wrong side and then flipped it over so I had a guide on where to lay down the glue.


So flipping it over you create the design using the glue gun to draw it. Where you draw will end up raised so the paint sticks to it and forms a stamp.


Now here’s the tricky part glue guns don’t tend to leave a uniform stream so some parts might be taller and bumpier that others. If it’s not even then your stamping will come out icky and patchy.


So the two options I thought of to prevent this was waiting for the glue to dry and then using a nail file to smooth it all out or putting plastic wrap over it while it’s still pliable and pressing into a flat surface. The second is harder to do because the glue dries quickly but it would provide a lot more even results and probably would be less effort than using a nail file like I did. If you’re going to do a lot of them then I would suggest taking time to get the design right.


Either way once you have your design finished paint over the top of the plastic.


And stamp it on to the paper.


Taadaa very childlike but a nice way to have something personal without taking a huge amount of time doing it. You could make it much more intricate or do something cute like your name. If you didn’t mind waiting for it to dry you could also use PVA glue for the design so it evened out and provided a completely smooth print image.


Cut out the paper into a card shape, fold in half and you’re finished. I like the stamp a bunch of these as thank you cards and then personalise each one with some mini drawings before I send them. I usually draw little faces in the hearts or O ^_^


So there’s one idea and more on the way. I’m pretty much making everyone’s presents this year so lots to share ^_^

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