Making my own fabric buttons is something I’ve always been interested in but didn’t really know how to go about it. I got these little button making kits in a random craft supply bag a few years ago and promptly lost them in my stash until I went through it recently.

Having them sitting there doing nothing seemed silly so I decided to give it a try 😀


They come in two parts like this which fit together. I decided on some pink polar fleece to make mine.VioletLeBeaux-Covered-Buttons-_7602_9926Cut out a circle of fabric big enough to go over the button with overhang to spare. Mine was stretchy which really helped.VioletLeBeaux-Covered-Buttons-_7603_9927

Fold one side over the large button piece and poke it in so it catches on the metal teeth. I used a nail file to poke it.


Keep doing it all the way around poking it in and pulling it tight.


Now fit the other piece of the button into it and press tightly. I needed a pair of pliers to shove it in properly.


The plier teeth squished the back in a bit but oh well it’s just the back!




This is the point you probably get a bit addicted to making buttons and next thing you know this happens…


So there you go! Now I’m trying to think of a way I could do this without having buy the metal parts, James suggested just gluing fabric over regular buttons. More thought needed but I’ll come up with a way 😀



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