WOOHOO INTERNET AGAIN! Uploading a bunch of videos and things as I type this and seeing as all of my scheduled posts didn’t actually go live while I was away I’ve got plenty of stuff to post 😀 I’m too happy to even rant about the crappy TPG service. Saving that rant for later 😉

So let’s start with a hair tutorial!

Back when I did a tutorial on making this lace and learn hair comb a lot of comments were asking for a hair tutorial on the style.


I did a video tutorial on it already over here but for those who can’t watch or prefer photos here’s one of those too ^_^

So what you need:

  • Brush
  • Pretty hair comb
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pin
Brush your hair out to the back and towards one side.
Stick a bobby pin to hold it in place like this, it will act like a crease to help the hair fold in the right place and look very neat.


Brush the hair upwards to it’s sticking out horizontally.


Now use your hands to fold it across like this:


Tuck all of the ends inside and fold them into the roll.


Should look something like this. You should run your fingers through the sides from right to left to make sure the hair is all sitting the right way.



Once it’s all folded inside it should look something like this:


Secure it with a comb on the side. To use the comb you should grab a bit of hair from the twist…


…pull it right to the side and push into the scalp back the way it came.


And it looks like this! You might want to put in some more bobby pins if you don’t think it’s stable enough.



Most likely you’ll need some pins in the top swirl part to stop it coming loose.


Hair spray over everything and smooth flyaways with your hands.


If you have any problems with the insides breaking out again just lightly brush the outer layer into place again using short strokes.



Now just style your fringe and that’s it!


All done! I didn’t notice the bit popping out until after I finished >_<




Other side:


Stylish and sleek, this is a good one for work as well as times you just want to look a bit more polished.


Hope that all made sense and let me know if you have any other questions!


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