As promised yesterday another review from Vanity Box! This time it’s including my now all time favorite bb cream.

This is the group of products that Kean sent me. They’ve just added the brand Peripera to the site and I’d heard a little about it before but not enough to have an opinion.


The packaging is beautiful, the lighting here turned it all gold but it’s actually all pink and silver so it looks awesome on my vanity table 😀 The addition of lollipops and mentos was also extra win haha!VioletLeBeauxDSC_6244_9379The nail polish was the first thing that I tried. It’s a coral tinted orange and the formula is very buttery. It was opaque in one coat but two coats gave the best finish. I loved the formula but wasn’t a fan of the colour. It just didn’t look good with my pink skin but I think it would look good on someone with yellow undertones.VERDICT: So I wouldn’t buy this colour again because it doesn’t go with my skin but I would definitely look into the others available.I can’t seem to find this on the site for a listing or price unfortunately.


Now the bb cream, I was SO happy with the finish on this one.

Peripera BB Cream– AU$18.50

Since The Face Shop discontinued my favorite bb cream I’ve been hunting for a new one but so far everything has either been too dark or yellow. The colour of this one is PERFECT. I am using the lighter shade “Light Beige”. The main features of this cream are SPF 50+, aloe extract and some vitamins to make skin extra smooth.

The finish is quite matte and the formula was very buildable depending on how I applied it. With a sponge it was light coverage, brush it was full and fingers were medium. I love the versatility of it and the face that it gave varying freckle coverage depending on how I applied. The site claims it lasts up to 24 hours and while I wouldn’t wear my make up that long I can vouch that it lasts all day and didn’t make my skin feel at all dry after. I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skins texture etc when not wearing it but it makes it look very fresh and pretty on.

The price makes me SO happy too, The Face Shop’s creams are around the $40 mark so this even with shipping is so much cheaper and in a much larger tube. I estimate that a tube of this would probably last me around a year. The tube is very pretty too, a very cute design and I prefer tubes like this because they store easily and are hygienic. I think this is the first time I haven’t had one negative thing to say about a bb/foundation XD

This is officially my HOLY GRAIL of bb creams.

Verdict: YES, DO WANT. Great texture, lasts well, good coverage.

My bare skin:

VioletLeBeauxP1000512_1068 copy

Same skin with Peripera bb cream:

VioletLeBeauxP1000515_1068 copy

Lastly one of the “Wonder of Lips” lipsticks.

Wonder of Lips in Shade 19 (not sure which this is on the site)– $15

Again the packaging on this one is beautiful, it’s a metallic pink tube with pink lace stamped on it. The formula is smooth and glides on easily. The pigmentation is a little odd because while it looks VERY bright in the tube one swipe leaves barely any colour behind. You can build it (seems to be a theme among all of the Peripera products) to be a very bright colour but that took a few times going over. I think this would be useful for people going from office jobs to out at night, during the day using one application and then at night darkening it up a bit.

VERDICT: Overall I really liked the colour and forumla and I would definitely look at more in the range.

This photo is 3 swipes:

VioletLeBeauxP1000507_1067 copy

The overall favorite of the bunch was definitely the bb cream which works perfectly for my skin and if you have similar skin to mine definitely check out Vanity Box for the new Peripera range.

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