Lac Taut Collagen Orange Drink

Price: $84.95 for 8 bottles

Obtained: Gift Bag


I find ideas like this so weird. I’ve been drinking a collagen drink from my local Asian grocers for  a year or so but only because it tastes like roses. I wonder who came up with the idea to make something like this a drink rather than a cream? I can’t say I’ve ever thought “This skin care is so good, I’ll just take a quick swig and see if it’s absorbed better” *_*

Smells a lot like those gigantic orange vitamin c tablets I used to take as a kid, it tastes like them too but mixed with actual orange juice and kind of milky if that even makes sense. It didn’t taste too bad even for me who doesn’t actually like orange juice, it’s a pretty intense taste though and I had to shot glass it to make it through.

Obviously because I only had one and they recommend 3-4 per week I didn’t really see any results. I think this isn’t for me personally because of the high price and my general dubiousness about things like this. It might be up your alley if you’ve done some research on collagen and that’s something you’re actually interested in, no clue if they actually make long term differences to anything though!

Would I buy Lac Taut Collagen Orange Drink again: No.

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