I missed yesterday because after several years talking online I finally got to meet the adorable Glo-w. So between that and going away on Thursday I’ve got a lot to catch up on today! Firstly I need to announce the winner of the name Miss Bunny competition 😀 This was such a hard competition to pick a winner of because there were so many good entries and so many of them fit her so perfectly. After thinking about it for several days and trying a few on them out on her I came to a decision…

The winner is Bergamot by The Moonlight Seedling!

Here’s her entry:

You seem to have found my good friend the Lady Bergamot! (Bergie for short) Bergamot was born in a field next to a tea factory in England, an Earl Grey tea factory to be precise, and grew up with her brothers and sisters.While her family was perfectly happy frolicking in the field, eating whatever was growing there, Bergamot liked to sneak into the factory and sample the fragrant tea, nibbling on the lovely scones some of the workers would leave out for her. Because she spent so much time in the factory, her soft fur became scented with the bergamot oil, so her mother named her Bergamot (though her mother insisted on pronouncing it “Berg-a-mo”, leaving the “t” silent, because she thought it sounded more fancy) Eventually, Bergamot acquired a taste for the finer things in life, and the factory workers dubbed her the “Lady of the Factory” (which made her blush so hard that it never went away!). She learned of things that normally go well with tea, such as lace and pearls and macarons. The staff made her and her family a nice cozy hutch in the garden behind the factory, decked out with soft, warm things, pink wallpaper, and all the tea and scones they could possibly want. One day a factory worker was looking a a website on her laptop, and it immediately caught Bergamot’s eye – a delicate flowery background, lavender and lilac and pink everywhere! There were tutorials about how to make cute clothes and accessories and how to do your hair and nails that all just looked sugar-sweet and perfect! Bergamot’s eyes got so wide and sparkly that they got stuck that way! The kind staff member told Bergamot all about this website. The lady who wrote it was named Violet, and she lived in Australia, and always had tea and yummy things, and loved little soft white bunnies! Bergamot was so enchanted, she wanted to go meet this wonderful lady, and maybe stay with her a while and learn how to make pretty things! However, being a bunny, she was used to being around a large family, and worried that she would be lonely with only one friend. Then the worker showed her Miss Violet’s Object of Affection – James! He could cook lovely things, many of which seemed to confuse Miss Violet, because he was from America, and they do funny things in America! So it was decided – Bergamot would go to live with Miss Violet and James in Australia, but she wanted it to be a surprise! So her flight was booked and her plans made in secret, without telling Miss Violet she was coming! She made a little bow out of a scrap of lace (to look more presentable), hugged her family and factory friends good-bye, got on her plane, and the next thing she knew, was sitting on Miss Violet’s doorstep, greeting her with her lovely bunny smile and a big box of Earl Grey tea from the factory!

The first time I saw the name I wasn’t sure about it because it didn’t seem particularly feminine but the more I said it, the more I fell in love with it because it reminded me of the stereotypical tomboyish romance novel Victorian lady who insists on being a little bit different. Now I can’t think of bunny as anything other than Miss Bergamot 😀 I picked Bergamot for a lot of reasons but especially because it is such a fancy original name, it gave me the idea that each different colour of bunny and animal could be named after different tea varieties 😀 The part in the story about James was so cute and the whole thing just fit so well with her. I’m planning to illustrate the story while I’m gone so I’ll post that when I get back too. Moonlight Seedling, I am sending you an email now to get your address and will post your bunny before I leave for Brisbane!

So please meet Miss Bergamot!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4028_9717 copy

I want to give some special mention to some of the other entries as well because so much time, thought and effort was put into them. Special mentions:

  • Paige/Valentine Toffee Verquise- For coming up with such an involved story and giving all of the other animals parts too!
  • Yuehime/Yuki- For coming up with the whole family of bunnies! I loved the idea of her Dad being called Mr Mochi, so cute!!
  • Ling/Gyarubunny- For making me laugh at the idea of a bunny trying to learn to surf to impress a hot lifeguard!
  • Lilly/Porcelain- For an entry which sounded like a Miyazaki movie while still using the line “That’ll teach you to go wandering through the woods, interrupting people’s leisure moments!”. I laughed SO hard at that!
  • Cazz- For the awesomely feminine boy bunny Cornelius Bumblepatch, I am SO going to make Miss Bunny a love interest called Cornelius with a monocle and top hat 😀
  • Sherlyn Koh/BabyMallo- For such a sugary sweet story that was very very cute.
I really want to illustrate some of those stories too, they are all so cute!

I want to say thank you for the awesomeness so when the bunny store opens anyone who entered the competition will be emailed a special discount and I’m going to come up with something extra for the special mentions too because SO MUCH AWESOME! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

Ok enough about bunnies for now, it’s video time ^_^

This week I didn’t have time to do many tutorials but I have started making a mini V-Log every day. I’m going to do one every day in December because it’s such a busy month for me. I thought it would be a fun way to show you some more of my life… and James features in them a lot too. So here are the ones I’ve put up so far.

Morning Make Up-

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

Day 4-

Day 5-

Next here are the week’s beauty reviews! I have a Vanity Box review going up here tomorrow and then photo versions of the video hair tutorials which were reader requests.

Ok! I think that’s it for now, I have to go start packing >_<

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