Royal & Langnickel Silk Green Line Brushes

Price: $119.99 from their website.

Obtained: Gift bag


I love that Royal & Langnickel makes both artists brushes and make up brushes, there are parallels there that make me very happy.

This set came at the perfect time for me because I had very few brushes and wanted to learn how to use different types to achieve different looks. I have used this set every single day since I got it at ABBW 2011 and couldn’t be happier with the quality.

It comes with 12 brushes with bamboo handles. There is pretty much everything you could need to do most looks in there which makes it the ideal set for both traveling and at home for me. The bristles are incredibly soft and pick up a crazy amont of pigment. Honestly using these compared to my old ratty brushes gave me such a shock at the difference. I felt like I was using completely different colours with some of my eye shadows because amount of pigment was just so different.

The range is very thorough and the tiny little angled liner brush especially is the best I’ve ever used. In fact my two favorite brushes from the line are the little angled liner rsh and the fluffy blending brush. Both of them are completely essential to my make up routine now and I will continue using them and the rest every day.

Would I buy Royal & Langnickel Silk Green Line Brushes again: Yes and I will be looking out for their other brushes for now on.

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