Part two of my random day of snapshots! It’s getting dark around 8:30 at the moment which being from QLD I just hate because it messes up my sense of time but at least there’s lots of light to take photos late!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00198_1020 copy

We walked past this water feature that I’ve always kind of ignored because it’s so boring but this particular day there was a girl there making an art installation out of leaves.She was arranging them in a portrait, so pretty and such a lovely idea.VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00206_1021 copyA boy came and offered to help her remove some of the leaves stuck up too high for her and it was so cute ^_^VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00207_1021 copy

James took this one, he wanted to play with the camera almost as much as I did XD

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00215_1022 copy

I spent a lot of time enjoying the new flowers too, they didn’t smell so great but they sure were pretty!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00218_1022 copy

Good chance to play with the focus too!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00220_1022 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00223_1022 copy

There was a really pretty flower shop along there too, I love seeing the flower stands around here. There’s one right near our house with a really nice owner. He’s always so friendly so I’ve decided when I’m one of those awesome rich people who can afford fresh flowers every week I’m going to shop exclusively there 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00227_1023 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00232_1023 copy

Generic shoe photos 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00214_1021 copy

Now with 90% more random cow.

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00224_1022 copy

And just a little more random architecture… because I love it XD

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00252_1025 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00277_1027 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00211_1021 copy

I saw these adorable mop toppers at Tokuya… I have no idea if they do anything other than making your mop cuter but I think that’s a very good skill in itself 😉

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00237_1024 copy

Also James couldn’t help making Minecraft jokes at this…

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00241_1024 copy

More cuteness I found:

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00239_1024 copy

At this point we were trying to find a shop that James had been searching for. Unfortunately we weren’t sure it actually existed but it was a lot of fun looking for it!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00271_1027 copy

We spent quite a lot of time wandering around China Town, at sunset it’s always so pretty in that area.

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00278_1027 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00264_1026 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00262_1036 copy

And I saw a lobster humping a crap… so I took a photo because I’m classy.

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00274_1027 copy

I really want to try this Japanese restaurant, it has really good reviews and the area reminds me so much of Tokyo!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00267_1026 copy

At another restaurant we walked past was SUSHI BURGER! Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen but I totally want to try!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00280_1028 copy

James finally found the Salvos store we were trying to find XD…

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00261_1036 copy

…and it happened to be right next to an arcade game parlour… 😀 VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00289_1028 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00298_1029 copy

Biggest claw machine EVER. Seriously the kitty at the back had black marks all over its head because people had tried to get it so much XD

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00293_1029 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00296_1029 copy

An adorable puppy …

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00306_1030 copy

Pretty lanterns at another restaurant. I would love to do this to my house but I think having them so low would make the apartment feel tiny.

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00286_1028 copy

James trying to play with some kind of interactive watch advertisement XD

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00315_1031 copy

We met up with my Mum and went to dinner at Claypot King.VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00338_1033 copy

James’ coke was strangely descriptive XD

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00318_1031 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00343_1034 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00340_1034 copy

I ordered what I thought was a drink that I had had before and ended up with this instead which was shaved ice full of coconut, peanuts, corn, jelly and cordial XD I have the worst luck with ordering things but I will try pretty much anything so it worked out! This was actually pretty good haha!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00346_1034 copy

On the way home I taught my Mum how to play claw machines hahaha!

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00348_1034 copy

James discovered they installed pachinko and seems to have gotten slightly addicted, but having never seen or heard of one before he wasmore than a little confused >_<

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00357_1035 copyVioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00349_1034 copy

I was much more interested in the claw machines though so I won my Mum a green kitty 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00363_1036 copy

It matches my pink one but she likes green.

VioletLeBeaux-Panasonic-GF3-Melbourne-Review00361_1036 copy

That concludes my fun night of testing out my new camera! Hope you guys had as much fun reading as I did taking the photos  😀


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