kkcenterhk Palette and Lady Gaga Wig

Price: Lady Gaga Wig– $35 and 48 Color Eye Shadow + 3 Powder foundation + 5 Blusher Palette= $13.54

Obtained: PR Sent


The PR rep from kkcenterhk contacted me to review these. First the palette, the colours are quite pigmented and about the same quality as the Coastal Scents one I have. The blushes are waaay too pigmented for my tastes and even with a little tiny bit I found myself looking like a kid who had gotten into their mother’s make up 😉 There were two powders and one cream on the bottom layer which were again ok but not great quality, the kind of thing you would expect from a discount brand. For $13.54 I can’t really complain at all because the eyeshadows are great so totally worth it. Most of the shadows are in pastel shades and have a little bit of glitter or shimmer mixed through. When they’re on you can’t really see the glitter so I think this would be good for those who want a little sparkle but not a huge amount.

The wig is interesting, it’s decent quality with minimum shine and there is colour variation which looks quite natural. There is a decent scalp at the top in the part too so I think with styling it could look good on. That said out of the package it looked pretty terribly styled, definitely not as curly as the photo on the site. It’s more of a general wave with a curl at the bottom and the whole underneath layer is teased to give it much more volume. I am planning to heat seal the curls again to restyle it and possibly cut it into a better shape but as is I didn’t think it looked good on me or very much like the photos. I think that speaks of buying wigs online in general though, unless you’re happy to do some styling yourself or you’re saving a lot of money then best to buy somewhere you can actually try it on first.

Would I buy kkcenterhk Palette or the Lady Gaga Wig again: Yes to the palette, no to the wig.

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