Jurlique: Rose Body Care Lotion, Lavender Hydrating Mist, Jasmine Shower Gel, Soothing Cleansing Lotion and Rose Finishing Powder

Price: $24-44

Obtained: PR Sent


After hearing I hadn’t ever tried the Jurlique range before their lovely PR sent me some of her favorites from the range to give a try out.

Rose Finishing Powder:

I love me a good finishing powder and this isn’t an exception. It smells heavenly but I am also a big fan of rose scents so if that’s not your thing then definitely try in store before you commit. I noticed that my make up lasted well when I used this and it also *felt* finished. Like the addition of the powder actually made the make up feel like it was sealed in. I liked the size and the container it came in but I didn’t like the little powder puff inside. I found it didn’t apply evenly with that so I used a brush and it was perfect. Overall loved it.

Lavender Hydrating Mist:

I find hydrating mists an interesting concept, in summer they are fantastic but I think it’s definitely something which is a luxury rather than a necessity. I mean if I was really hot in summer I could just flick water on myself and give a spritz of perfume after  😉 I like the bottle it comes in, it’s glass which keeps the liquid inside extra cool. It also looks really stylish on my dressing table so plus one for being pretty. The smell is quite interesting, it’s not straight lavender, it’s got some herbs (and apparently marshmallow) in there too which I found nice because lavender isn’t my favorite scent. Mixed in with the herbs a really liked it though and found that because the smell didn’t hang around too long it was nice during the day. It’s something I would keep in my handbag to freshen up during the day.

Soothing Cleansing Lotion:

Again this smelled quite herbal and I think it would be something you would either love or hate so give it a test in store first. It feels like a slippery moisturiser and made my skin feel very moisturised after using. The smell was too much for me though so even though I adored the feeling I don’t think this is something that I would buy again. It comes in quite a large bottle so I think it’s quite good value because you only need a very small amount to do your entire face and neck.

Jasmine Shower Gel:

This also came in a very reasonably sized bottle for a high end brand and the design of the bottle was quite pretty. The smell was quite interesting because while it’s a fairly strong jasmine, the honey and marshmallow give it quite a sweet finish. Again this one wasn’t a smell that I particularly liked but James enjoyed it so I think it’s just about personal taste!

Rose Body Care Lotion:

Again I love rose and this smelled exactly like the finishing powder so I was happy with that. The lotion is quite a watery finish so I only needed a very small amount to go a long way. The bottle is the same size as the lotion and again quite a strong scent so try in store first if that’s something you’re sensitive to. I really liked this one because my skin felt lovely and smooth afterwards. While the smell did hang around for quite a while I didn’t notice it unless I had my skin right up near my face.


I thought this was a good introduction to the brand and while not everything was to my personal tastes I could definitely see myself buying some of the items again. I will definitely look into more from Jurlique now that I know about the brand too and I would be really interested to try some of the whitening range so I’m going to check it out in store.

Would I buy Jurlique again: Yes to the Hydrating Mist and the Rose Powder, maybe to the rest and I definitely want to try the brightening range too.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my honest opinions whether product was provided for review or bought. I am not an expert, just a girl who likes beauty products. Click here to read about my personal preferences or for more information on “Currently Using” mini review posts. Click here for my Editorial and Ethics Policy.

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