It’s Monday so that means round up time ^_^

This week I uploaded the tutorial on how to do that twisted updo thingy that I wore during that pearl and lace comb tutorial back here. I am planning to take photos for photo versions of a lot of these tutorials this afternoon for those who can’t watch the videos/prefer photos. Hopefully they should be up later this week.

I also edited a mini V-Log on the day James got his camera a few months ago. He is adorable, and totally paid me back by filming me getting my new camera/early Christmas present on Friday so I guess I’ll have to put that up too haha!

As I mentioned last week I’m planning to do daily V-Logs through December but those will be edited less and probably shorter than my previos ones. I’m going to keep doing the longer ones too just not every day.

Also I’ve moved my beauty reviews to their own version of the site so click through any of the links below to check it out. This new beauty section won’t change anything here and if you want to follow the daily reviews you’ll need to subscribe there. Yay!

Now back to taking photos for me 😀 I lost a lot of the footage and photos for the scarf knitting tutorial so I’m going to refilm that today and finish up on the basic hime dress tutorial I was making too. I deco’d my new camera over the weekend too so now I want to make a matching strap too, photos soon! So many photos soon hahaha!

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