Lash Me Type 2 Eyelash Glue

Price: $7.95 at the chemist I used to get it from

Obtained: Bought


I’ve been using this glue for around 3 years now and it’s still a favorite. I have had severe allergies to lash glues in the past and I use this one exclusively now as I know I’m not allergic and I’m too scared to try others in case I have another reaction.

In my experience there are two types of lash glues, the PVA-ish ones and the epoxy-ish ones.The epoxy-ish ones are gummy and quite hard to clean off the lashes while the PVA-ish ones are stretchy and can be pulled off a lash band generally in one string. This is a PVA-ish one and I much prefer it to the epoxy-ish ones because I find I can re-use lashes for much longer without worrying about damaging them while cleaning.

This glue comes out white and dries clear, it takes a little while to dry and while most glues need to go tacky before you apply lashes I find it’s easier to apply lashes and press in for a few seconds with this.

Overall I like this glue and the whole not causing me a reaction definitely helps my opinion of it 😉

Would I buy Lash Me Type 2 Eyelash Glue  again: Yes.

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