James grew up in America and he misses it… especially the food… a lot. His Mum still did the big American-style feasts when they moved to Russia and then over here too so when he moved in with me and discovered that I didn’t really cook he took it upon himself to make that happen as often as possible XD


So this year he decided to make some kind of epic Thanksgiving feast. It’s not an Australian holiday so I really only know what I see on the US tv shows here but I think he did a pretty good job!VioletLeBeaux-Thanksgiving_4199_10512He made slightly burntcrispy pumpkin, scones (which apparently are called biscuits in the US and are eaten with savory meals?!), roast chicken, chicken nuggets, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potato and baked asparagus.VioletLeBeaux-Thanksgiving_4204_10517

I know you’re supposed to have turkey on Thanksgiving but it’s so expensive here (like $60 for a bird) so we opted for the much cheaper pre-prepared Woolworths chicken for $9. We did have turkey but more on that later!


Does anyone know why scones are called biscuits in the US? I have the feeling there would be some awesomely epic misunderstandings if I visited and asked for a biscuit and was presented with a scone instead of a cookie XD I’m confused just thinking about it. Also the idea of eating scones with savory food squicks me out, scones should be served only with jam, cream, butter and a good cup of tea 😀


My delicious dinner:


Of course I couldn’t resist trying a nugget in a biscuit while dipping it all in mashed potato, I did skip the barbecue sauce though 😉 A slice of dessert if you get the reference haha! It really tasted horrible XD


I stuck mostly to the mashed potatoes and asparagus, so yummy!


Now dessert which is all I really care about hahaha! James making his dessert:


And its…………………. TURKEY BALLS!


Basically they are chocolate truffle balls with tails and a chocolate peanut for a head! Zomg so delicious!

We also had James’ version of my apple pie! Now that it’s coming into Summer I want to marathon Pushing Daisies again and bake a lot of pies… this can only end well right?


So yay for Thanksgiving! If you live in the US what do you guys do for it? Any special American foods I should try next year? We had pumpkin pie last year and it was so very not for me but I loved trying it anyway! If you celebrated I hope you had an awesome time!!

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