Food Friday! Today I’m showing you my favorite summer food to cool down in summer: cold soba noodles, and one of James’ random kitchen creations: fried rice sushi XD

Both of them are ridiculously easy which makes me happy!

Soba noodles first!

Cook noodles and wash them until they’re chilled. Put them onto a wooden rack in a bowl (I didn’t have one so I use the steamer rack from my rice cooker).

VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3928_9617 copy

Make dipping sauce out of soy sauce, sugar (or mirin if you have it) and rice vinegar. You can also buy proper soba dipping sauce but this is the cheap lazy version XD You can either dip the noodles in the sauce as you go or just pour it on top which makes eating on the couch much easier!VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3930_9619 copy

If you feel like it you can also add some cut up seaweed to the top as garnish, I like using those flavored pre-cut snack versions. Yummy and great to cool down in summer!

VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3933_9622 copy


Next this is something James wanted to experiment which I found hilarious because he hates both seaweed and fried rice so I had to be guinea pig >_<

Basically it involves lef tover fried rice and again those flavored pre-cut seaweed snacks. I could eat so many of those *_*

VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3945_9634 copy

So take a sheet and place a spoon full of rice on it, warm up in the microwave for a few seconds so the rice wets the seaweed enough to stick.

VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3947_9636 copy

Fold it up into a little cone.

VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3948_9637 copy

Repeat until you’re not hungry anymore. I wasn’t expecting to like these, sometimes James makes the weirdest food especially when he’s trying to make stuff I would eat. He can’t eat fruit or vegetables and I loooove veges so it’s always odd seeing creations made my someone who doesn’t eat that kind of food… like when Bender from Futurama was a chef XD I hope he doesn’t try cooking me a pony! *_*

VioletLeBeaux-soba-fried-rice_3949_9638 copy

Anyway long rambling aside it was actually pretty nice! I would probably be lazy next time and just eat it all with a spoon 😀




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