It’s getting pretty warm here… well warm-ish depending on the day of the week so I thought it was the perfect time to try an item of clothing I haven’t worn since I was around 12… shorts! I found some nice dark denim ones at a store for $6 but they were 4 sizes too big. Only $6 though so I bought them and figured it would be a good test to see if I could modify them and whether or not I actually even like shorts.

Here’s my end result and even though I don’t usually wear them… I really like the style. Good for warm casual days ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-Jeans-Shorts-Modification050336_9574 copy

So this was them to begin with, they were a size 14 and I am a 6 so they needed taking in.VioletLeBeaux-Jeans-Shorts-Modification_6081_9288The easiest way to take in pants is to cut the side seams and stitch it back up smaller so that’s what I started with. These jeans had a bit of a flare to the bottom which I wanted to keep so rather than cutting the whole way I folded a wedge which left the bottoms of the legs the same and just took a chunk out of the middle and waist band.


From the inside…


Unfortunately because of the original shape of them the wedge that I cut out (which was basically like a big dart) made the butt part of it look bunchy. So to fix that I folded two smaller darts from the corner of the pockets to the middle seam.


Then I tried it on to make sure it was right and then stitched it together.




Lastly I decided to make the seams more of a focus point so I embroidered over them using a simple “Lazy Daisy” stitch.

photo[1] copy

And the side seam:

photo copy

So there you go, $6 shorts and half an hour later and I’m pretty happy with them. I’m definitely not going to rush out to buy more but I do like these ones!

VioletLeBeaux-Jeans-Shorts-Modification050339_9577 copy

Quick and easy fix for the win!