Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Peel-Off Masque

Price: $3.50 per mask

Obtained: Bought


I’ve been using these since I was around 15 years old and my friend and I had a girls trip to Brisbane for a concert. This peel off one is my favorite that I’ve tried, partially because it feels nice and partially because it’s fun to peel off 😉

It’s very soothing going on and feels very cool, I probably wouldn’t use it in Winter though because the cooling sensation might be too much. There’s a lot in a packet so if  you wanted to be frugal you could probably get two uses out of it.

The formula is a runny gel which makes application a bit messy. Once it’s on it feels soothing and I found it easy to relax, don’t glob it on too thick though otherwise you’ll spend the whole time thinking it’s running down your face! After it dries in around 20 min you just peel the whole thing off. Ive used these many times and for some reason it never dries around my cheeks so I end up just washing that off after. When it peels off it’s supposed to take a bunch of gunk with it and it does leave me with very smooth skin. So yes it does the job, it’s an average price for Aus and my skin feels nice and relaxed.

Would I buy Montagne Jeunesse Anti Stress Peel-Off Masque again: Yes, I buy them every few months as a treat.

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