Benetint ReviewBenetint ReviewBenetint Review

Benetint + Gloss Pocket Pal- Benefit

Price: A$39

Obtained: Gift Bag


I had really high hopes for it after reading so many positive reviews from other bloggers. Unfortunately this is one of those times when a product and I just don’t work well together 🙁 I really loved the packaging though.

The idea behind the product is that one side is a gloss and the other a lip/cheek stain. The gloss itself was ok, fairly average for a thick shiny gloss though it was damn near impossible to get a reasonable amount out on the wand due to the tiny hole at the top.

I am a big fan of lip tint but this one just didn’t work for me. It is very watery so I found it dfficult to paint on a reasonable amount without it running. Because of the wateriness it also takes a very long time to dry which can be frustrating as putting the gloss on before it’s completely dry just results in you getting colour through the clear gloss side. So I don’t think I would class this as something I would use on the go. That said, I can see how it would be great as a cheek tint because you have time to apply it and clear up mistakes before it dries.

While the smell isn’t overpowering it’s still not nice… if you are uncoordinated like me and happen to get any in your mouth it’s very unpleasant *_* The colour itself is nice, not too pigmented but something that wold be wearable with a lot of looks. Like I said though, this product has so many positive reviews so it’s definitely worth trying out in store and see whether it works for you.

Would I buy Benetint and Gloss Pocket again: Not for me but I might consider buying as a gift.

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