I can’t believe how far behind I am with my snapshots posts, I still have photos from months ago! Bad blogger XD

Recently I got to visit Bernard’s Magic Shop. I have wanted to go here since I was like 13 and completely obsessed with becoming a magician. I walk past it all the time but never had time or a reason to go in until I needed a new deck of cards because James and I decided to learn to play poker.


I didn’t get any photos inside because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed but I did hear the story of the original Bernard. He was a man in the 1920’s who wasn’t a magician but he had insanely good luck all the time. Two of his magician friends wanted to start a business together but they wanted it to have good luck so they included Bernard!Yay new cards…DSC_6021-www.JimmyAmerica.com

I’ve been having weekly lunches with the lovely Fashion Adjacent recently and it’s been nice to get out of the house and away from the internet once and a while.



On the way through David Jones after one of our lunches I spotted a Christmas tree (seriously already?!) which was totally my taste though, it’s covered in candy and cupcake themed cosmetics 😀


*adds to Christmas list*


Let’s see… what else recently? I ate 3/4 of a gigantic chicken parmigana… no I suppose that’s not so interesting unless you’re me or my stomach.


Also after lunch one day I got my arse kicked by Miss Melody at Mario Kart. I’m ashamed at my lack of  Mario skills now, clearly I need to spend a couple of months brushing up again.


Or I can just pretend I won like this and no one will ever know the difference…



They had displays of the Nintendo timeline at that EB too so I pined over my original Gameboy


I also got to play Kirby’s Epic Yarn which was ridiculous fun and I totally want to buy it for myself now… it has levels made of embroidered cake! EMBROIDERED CAKE!


I V-Logged the whole thing too so I’ll edit that soon too.


And what random post lunch visit to EB would be complete without chest bumping Mario?




I visited Illamasqua for the launch of the Theater of the Nameless collection.


James volunteered me for the transformation and this collection was inspired by 1920’s ladies of the night >_<

The end result:


The collection and a very handsome photographer:


The lovely make up artist who did my transformation.


They had their new BB Cream there as well which was exciting. I’m really interested to see what this one is like.


All of the MBBE girls chatting about the collection.


And me getting my eyes done.


Lastly I leave you with me trying to remain in frame with the Pudding Cam phone app, clearly it didn’t quite go to plan 😉


Hope you all had a good week, I’m going to try to make some more plushies tonight!


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