So I got excited about the idea of making plushies yesterday and made two little bunny prototypes! I couldn’t help it, I’ve never made a plushie before but I’m addicted now! I have a half done meerkat sitting on my desk now too!

There’s not much to say so prepare for gratuitous bunny photos! 😀

Bunny-Plushie_6292-www.JimmyAmerica.combunny-plushie_6323-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6304-www.jimmyamerica.comBunny-Plushie_6284-www.JimmyAmerica.combunny-plushie_6322-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6315-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6295-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6327-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6329-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6318-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6321-www.jimmyamerica.combunny-plushie_6317-www.jimmyamerica.comArgh I’m so happy with them considering it was my first attempt ever and I made up the pattern! What do you guys think? They need names! I can’t think of anything cute enough to name them!! I’m going to go finish my meerkat now 😀 

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