I’ve been filming videos like crazy while my hair is all non-re-growth-y 😉 Two hair tutorials and one Morning Make Up Video. I really want to edit the V-Logs I’ve filmed as well but they’re quite time consuming so I haven’t been able to yet. I should be able to do one this week though!

Morning Make Up is Pink and Blue Glitter Stripes ^_^

Super simple twisted bun tutorial…

Big puffy bun tutorial which requires no teasing…


This week also introduces the Currently Testing section on the left side bar. I want to do a good job at reviewing all of the products I’ve received through events like ABBW, ABC and MBBE so I’ll be doing mini reviews in that section. They won’t pop up on the main blog or via RSS but once a week I’ll include any I’ve done in the round up here or if I’ve used them in any of the make up videos I’ll post links there too as I go.

So to start off this week I’ve reviewed:

– The Face Shop Pearl Collagen Mask

 Carmex Moisture plus ultra hydrating balm

 Benefit The Porefessional


Back to work for me now, hope you all had a good weekend. Today’s the last day to nominate for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogger Awards too so I’m off to put in my favorite blogs and cross my fingers for them!






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