Benefit The Porefessional

Price: $53 from Myer

Obtained: From ABC giftbag


Pores are something I’ve never really thought about. When ever I think of pores I imagine Daria’s sister Quinn voice in my head from the 90’s cartoon ^_^ So I didn’t think this product would be something I would ever use but after trying it for a while I can admit I might have been wrong.

It is lightly coloured but transparent when rubbed in and feels like velvet. It dries super smooth and has a matt finish, I used it in place of a primer over my t-zone. When looking closely I couldn’t see much of a difference but after actually applying foundation over the top it certainly looked a lot smoother than usual. That said, because pores are not a thing I’ve ever been self conscious about I don’t know if this is something I would think about enough to use again other than as a primer.

I do think it works, I tested it on James’ nose and I could see a difference on his skin but at around $50 I wouldn’t buy it again if I was just going to use it as a regular primer. You only need a tiny amount to go a long way so if it was an area I was concerned about it would probably be cost effective. I would recommend it for those who are self conscious about their pores.

Would I buy Benefit The Porefessional again: I wouldn’t because I don’t have problems with my pores and it makes an expensive primer… but I would recommend it for people who are concerned about their pores.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my honest opinions whether product was provided for review or bought. I am not an expert, just a girl who likes beauty products. Click here to read about my personal preferences or for more information on “Currently Using” mini review posts. Click here for my Editorial and Ethics Policy.

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