Carmex Moisture plus ultra hydrating balm

Price:  Around $5

Obtained: In a gift bag


My lip balm obsession continues. The container is quite a nice pearly colour, kind of classier than most other plain lip balms. Slanted tip is a nice touch, I mean it doesn’t actually make a difference to application but it does look nicer! Fairly large container considering the amount of product inside.  Goes on just like butter, very silky and not at all sticky. Has a tiny bit of a minty feel. Having SPF15 is a big plus. On top of matte lipstick it provides a really nice satin finish. Have been using it since ABBW and my lips do feel softer directly after use but I haven’t noticed anything long term

Would I buy Carmex Moisture Plus again: Yes,  it’s a very nice SPF15 balm.

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