Celina and I were invited to the grand opening of the Chadstone Armani Exchange flagship store last weekend. To be perfectly honest I didn’t really know what to expect because #1 the only thing I knew about Armani was that I couldn’t afford to shop there are #2 I didn’t think I was really their target audience. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised on both accounts though so it was a good reminder that you can find awesome things in the places you would least expect!


The store was set up with a DJ, giveaways, live models in the window (more hilariousness on that later) and staff taking polaroid photos for shoppers as keep sakes.

Here’s a little video I made of the event, more photos etc below!

One of the two DJs called “The Backhanderz” setting up.Armani-Exchange-Chadstone_5103We maaaaay have monopolised the polaroid people just a little bit…Armani-Exchange-Chadstone_4988Just a little bit… 😉Armani-Exchange-Chadstone_5198As I mentioned I was surprised how many of the clothes I actually really liked. They had an entire nautical themed range which was really pretty and had I been out shopping regularly I probably would have missed it from my own assumptions.



The prices were also very much not the high end luxury prices I was expecting, they were actually around that of department stores like Myer/David Jones, eg. men’s t-shirts were $50, dresses between $140-240ish so I imagine it would be fairly affordable for those on an average income.


We were each given gift vouchers to spend in store and I had a hard time deciding what to take home because the whole store was 20% off too XD


Celina and I both ended up liking the same dress and for a change she chose the white and I chose the black!


With super cute Gemma from Torstar, she had a really nice nautical-ish jacket with gold buttons! This was the best photo out of the few we took so of course it’s the only one where my hair was backlit into blending into the sign >_<


Anthony Callea was there to promote his new single, he was runner up in Australian Idol in 2004 so everyone in the store was extra excited. I didn’t watch Australian Idol but he was very friendly and accommodating to take photos with us including some more polaroids!


Ok yes I have a complete obsession with polaroids! I think photo booths and polaroids are the best even idea ever!


In the end, I chose this beautiful red quilted purse with my voucher, with the 20% off it came in around $70 so I got James a tshirt with my left over. I *love* this purse so much! It holds everything but is still tiny, it’s like a freaking tardis! I’ve been using it as a clutch all week, I’ve never used a clutch but that’s how much I like it!


James’ wardrobe is a bit sad at the moment so he bought another 2 shirts with his voucher. The ones he picked were very much his style: plain! They are made of that thin cotton that drapes very sexily so I’m very happy with his purchase 😀 😀 😀


Celina bought a jacket which suited her perfectly and I’m sure she’ll post some photos soon which I’ll come back and link to!


It was a fun event to attend, the staff were all hilarious and actually looked like they were having fun which was a change from a lot of the retail shops I’ve been to recently. You could tell that they were genuine and actually enjoying themselves rather than just being helpful because it was their job so next time we head to Chadstone I won’t feel intimidated going in!

From what I saw, Armani Exchange is a bridge brand, luxury at prices which aren’t ridiculous and it was a really good introduction to the kind of brand I’d never thought would be my style but apparently has pieces that fit into my wardrobe perfectly. Who knew!

So thank you very much A|X, thank you to Torstar for inviting us and that you for the staff who made the day really fun to be at!


Now I bet you’re wondering about those live models I mentioned huh? They were hilarious!! They were set up on a beach scene in the window and spent the day lounging around being generally good looking. Celina and I went to take a photo outside with them and the boys decided to be funny!


Doing my best vogue, clearly he was very impressed XD


Sorry dude, I think I like what I’ve got at home better 😉


I’m not sure my two arm candy accessories quite match my outfit hahaha!


So funny, the model girls were cracking up! I love when people share my silly sense of humor 😀

Hope you all enjoyed the photos as much as I had fun being in them!


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