So yesterday I talked about dyeing real hair, today it’s about synthetic! I seem to have a problem accumulating hair extensions… but they never actually match my hair colour >_< For example recently I was part of a test group for some Lady Jane extensions but none of them matched my hair at all. So for years I’ve been searching for a way to dye synthetic extensions different colours. Everywhere I looked said that it wasn’t possible because synthetic hair isn’t poreous like real hair so dye doesn’t take… you know what does take though?


Permanent markers…Colouring-Synthetic-Hair-Extensions-VioletLeBeaux_4126_8707So after yesterday’s fun with the dye it was time to have some more colourful fun!Colouring-Synthetic-Hair-Extensions-VioletLeBeaux_4115_8696

All of the ones I got were curly so I first straightened them all out. These ones are able to be used with styling tools but double check yours are if you’re going to try this because having melted extensions=really sucky.


Pick out the colours you want to use, I used a mixture of Sharpies and Copic markers in various shades to do a gradient…. surprise 😉


Start coloring in from the tips, switch markers often and use light strokes so they blend together well.


Keep adding more colours until you’re at the top, use the lightest colour to blend them together.


And you end up with something like this. Make sure it dries properly then you can give it a brush through and style it as normal. The pens coloured but didn’t leave any residue so it’s effectively just like dying. I even heat styled them after with no problem at all.


I made mine more on the orange side so they blended in with the colour of the extensions better. I’m considering going over the entire things with pink to darken them even more. Of course you can’t make dark extensions lighter but this is a fun way to make use of extensions you probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to use. I’m going to curl the hell out of these and make them into a gigantic hair piece to add to up dos for extra variation and volume. Photos when I finish it!

So there you go, it is posible to colour synthetic hair extension just not with traditional methods ^_^


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