I used to make these kinds of hair combs to sell at a market stall when I was a teenager but I completely forgot about them until recently!

Good excuse to use up some of my lace stash though and try a hair style I also haven’t really worn since I was a teenager.


What you need:

  • Plastic comb thingy
  • Lace
  • Hot glue or needle/thread
  • Scissors
  • Pearls or something dangly to decorate it with
The lace or ribbon you use should be around 1.5cm wide so it can scrunch between the teeth of the comb but fan out enough to cover the whole edge of it.



Start by gluing the end of the ribbon to the back of the comb and pull it through the first gap between the teeth.Hair-Comb-VioletLeBeaux_4332_8949

Continue winding it around the edge and between the teeth. As you go fan out the lace so it sits flat along the edge and covers all of the brown.


When you get to the other side glue it in place and cut off the excess!


Now you just need something dangly to hang off it. I had this pearl chain thingy which was left over from some other projects so I used that! You could string some pearls together or you could add some dangly butterflies etc.


I sewed it on at the ends and in the middle.


Done and ready for cuteness!


Sleek and swirly! I like this style for business dinners because it’s a little bit work-ish but still very stylish ^_^


Now that I have a couple of these combs I want to try some more styles with them! Do you have favorite hair styles using combs I should try out?

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