Not so much a round up but the only video I managed to upload this week…

To make up for it, here are a bunch of fun random photos that James took of miss Chia, Alice and I when we met up last week 😀 These are my favorites of the bunch!

Alice Chia

Alice Chia Violet-DSC_4864-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4841-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4891-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4815-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4845-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4796-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4835-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4742-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4801-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4732-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4790-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4771-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia Violet-DSC_4715-www.JimmyAmerica.comAlice Chia

The rest of the photos are up on my Facebook page here if you want to look!