So about a month ago James got a new camera and he’s been obsessed with it ever since XD The photos are so nice so I thought I’d use the first few days worth for today’s Snapshot post. They are so pretty I didn’t want them to go to waste!

He got it a few days before his Mother Came to visit so we had fun showing her around town. She was here to see Love Never Dies but we ended up doing a lot of shopping… unless James’ Dad is reading this in which case all we did was sit quietly and NOT spend any money ;D

Sandwiches at Grill’d are apparently made by angry pirates 😉DSC_1457_414_JimmyAmerica.comThis was the first photo he took with it, so far all of his nice cameras have all had me as their first photo. So sweet of him even if I’m always not dressed up or prepared when they arrive!

The man himself in our current favorite bakery! It’s called Cupcake Family and they do the BEST macarons.

VioletLeBeauxP1050071_7477 copy

See look at these deluxe macarons, they are like heaven! The one on the left is strawberry cheesecake and there are actual cheesecake icing/strawberries/crumbly base in the middle. Zomg so delicious!

VioletLeBeauxP1050069_7475 copy

Me eating a cake pop from there, I guess this kinda counts towards Food Friday huh?

The decorations are so cute too, it made me want to fill my house with photo frames of cakes 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1050070_7476 copyVioletLeBeauxP1050067_7473 copy

We wandered past the Hope Toun tea rooms too. They always have the most delicious things in the window, I really want to go there one day!

VioletLeBeauxP1050065_7471 copy

We drooled at the cakes but it’s always so packed and I’m pretty sure you have to book in advance. It looks like proper traditional high tea though, so pretty *_*

More wandering in the prettiest arcade, I could spent days in there just taking photos of all the little details.

It was super rainy that day so I was really glad I wore a hat! It was only light while we were walking around and you could totally spot James’ Mum was a tourist because she was the only one on the street huddling under her umbrella!

Of course on cold days when I forget my umbrella I can always steal James’ hat 😉

Obligatory shot of the Melbourne Central tower thing that I think every tourist ever has taken!

This is my current favorite busker: Ninja Magic! Pretty self explanatory, he does magic tricks dressed as a ninja 😀 He seems like such a nice guy, always so friendly!

Beautiful shoes we spotted, I want to get James some super fancy wingtips but he hates shoes that are even remotely pointed so I might have to diy some for him 😉

Puppies need no caption other than OMG CUTE!

Apparently this is the face I make when I take photos of said puppies!

Someone yarn bombed the Bourke St Mall! Such a cool idea 😀 By the time I saw it, a lot of it was already falling apart but still totally awesome!

More random test shots that turned out to be quite pretty:

Later that week we went for dinner with Kim, no clue what we were laughing about but apparently it was pretty funny… so pretend I captioned this with something hilarious.

Some beautiful cupcakes we saw in the Lincraft display window. No clue why they were displaying cakes and cupcakes in a craft store window but oh well!

And a beautiful pink drink… because I like pink drinks… Ugh I’m hungry again >_<

Apparently there’s going to be a lot less of the horse and carriages here soon because they’re passing a law making it harder for drivers to get the licenses… or something. I probably should have paid more attention to that news story XD /fail

They’re very pretty but to be honest I don’t think I would miss Swanston St smelling like horse crap all the time. It’s not easy to enjoy bubble tea when all you can smell is horse poop XD

And on the way home ^_^ My hair is getting so long! I think it’s time I gave it a trim! I don’t think it’s been this long since I was 14! Speaking of which I’ve started adding in some other pinks to the mix so I’ll have to review the new ones I’m using and show my new technique!

Bonus shot:

This is what I looked like when I got home after all of that and went back to work for a bit hahaha, super glamorous 😉

I think I was about 2 minutes away from falling asleep on the computer haha! Thanks for taking such… flattering photos James 😛

Here are the rest of the photos from that couple of days, there were so many I didn’t want to post all of them!

[zenphotopress album=343 sort=random number=60]


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