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You guys remember the Pictionary incident right? The reason that we don’t play board games in our household? Well apparently Nuffnang thought that our relationship could stand a Round 2 because they asked me to write about Scrabble. Oh yes, Scrabble.

Scrabble has a history in this house, James’ family love it. They take it VERY seriously. I suck at anything that requires me to put letters in the correct order. I’m good with numbers but not with letters >_<

But of course we’re both very competitive and also not great at following rules… rules are for suckers. Also we both cheat. And we play Scrabble with extra points if you can make a word from an internet meme or something dirty… also we have a rule that you can put down any word as long as you can justify it’s existence.

Unfortunately that leads to scenarios like this…


VioletLeBeaux2-scrabble-advertSome of the words in our game were not really appropriate for audiences under 18 so they have been blurred. Props if you can guess what they are (especially considering most of them don’t actually make sense and aren’t real words!).VioletLeBeaux3-scrabble-advertVioletLeBeaux4-scrabble-advertVioletLeBeaux5-scrabble-advertVioletLeBeaux6-scrabble-advert

James is famous for how long he thinks about his moves. It’s so frustrating to watch!!


But at least that leaves time for me to cheat…


The arguments we have about the words tend to last even longer than James’ thinking.


This is pretty much how all of our games end -_-‘ What can I say, I’m an only child who doesn’t do well losing…


So in the end our game looked a bit like this…


Here is a short run down of some of the words we made up and their definitions:

– DAESO- The word you use when you don’t have an “I” to spell DAISO, also possibly some kind of dance. Usage: “I’d like to do the Daeso with you”

– TAZO- The Australian version of Pogs, sadly this one is not made up.

-FUNSTUFF- What James tries to convince himself playing board games is

-XANDER- Name. Usage: “I’m a friend of XXXXXaaaaanderrrrrrrrrrrr”

-NEWT- A crusty old river boat gambler from a book we’re reading at the moment.

-MALTOSGARD- The place Norse Gods go for frosty milk shakes after a hard day’s punishing mortals

-JIRIRIIY- The word Violet uses to win the game and get rid of all her tiles. Usage “Suck it James, I win with Jiririiy!”

So competition time!

Terms and conditions here. Aus residents only, closes 5:00 pm AEDST on 28th October, 2011.

If you want to win your own game of Scrabble leave me a comment answering the following question:

What is the best made up word you’ve ever cheated at Scrabble with? Feel free to make up an awesome one now and include it’s definition 😀


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