Snapshots time 😀 Kitties and jewellery today.

I’ve been cutting back on going to events or, you know, out much at all lately. Mostly because from all the work trips we’ve had to do this year (and more coming up >_<) I feel like I’m constantly behind on things. When Celina invited me as her plus one to a jewellery store event I couldn’t really say no… shiny blingy jewellery = yes please haha!

So off we drove to the Chadstone Secrets Shhh store to see their new refurbishment and collection.

So I hadn’t actually heard of Secrets Shhh before the event, the idea is that it’s moderately priced jewellery which have simulated stones. So very pretty, fancy stuff but not so expensive that I couldn’t afford to shop there :DBling!

And so fancy in fact that there was a guy there serenading us with his guitar…


The new collections that we previewed were super colourful…

My favorites were still the pearls and pink bling though!


I had way too much fun trying things on…

We even picked out engagement/wedding rings hahaha no pressure James 😛

Look at these gigantic earrings, my hair is everywhere but they’re still so big they shine through *_* Great photo bomb by Celina hahaha!


The backs were little hearts, so cute!

Miss Photobomber tried on some really pretty bracelets:

Also, this is the best reaction ever to my nails, how cute is she?! All of the staff working were so sweet and accommodating to let us play with things! I didn’t get a photo but she had gorgeous make up too, her eyes matched the necklace she was wearing!

My absolute favorite photo of the night, this is the lovely owner, she was telling us about the philosophy behind the store, that beautiful jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth.

She also told us about some of the past customers including a real Princess who bought out half the store *_* I’m so jealous!

I was also way too amused with the idea of this wall, it’s made of magnet tiles so you can change it as often as you want! I WANT THIS IN MY HOUSE!!

So yes, awesome night! The jewellery was so beautiful and it was fun to see such beautiful jewellery in prices that I could actually afford 😀

They gave us gift bags and the owner was so nice to give James one too, it was such a lovely thought!


Inside were these beautiful blingy earrings, a special jewellery travel bag and the best thing ever: CHOCOLATE! Oh yes, bling and chocolate are a very quick way to my heart hahaha!


Thank you to Secrets Shhh and Torstar for putting on such a fancy and lovely event and thank you to Celina for inviting me!

Now for a complete change of pace, a few weeks ago we spent the day out with Kim to go to a huuuuge yarn store near her place that was having a sale… but mostly so I could play with her beautiful kitties!


Oh yes, yarn, kitties, bling and chocolate in one snapshots post haha!


I wanted to take them home with me ;_; Totally the first cats ever that actually loved playing with me too, I think they can all sense I’m a dog person hahaha!


They were so cuddly!!


We had breakfast at a cafe near her place and played with our tamagotchis. Kim only just got hers so we activated it and it became Hat’s younger cousin 😉


The yarn store was awesome, I’ve never been to one that big before!


For the fellow knitters, enjoy the yarn porn 😉


My favorite thing that we saw was this tangled ball of yarn advertising that it needed a good home and a pair of patient hands to untangle it XD I find untangling yarn to be SO relaxing so I was very tempted!


Afterwards we went wandering to some other little boutiques and ended up in a button store.


By the end of the day I was totally regretting wearing those shoes XD So pretty but I already had blisters from the day before and this didn’t totally help!


So many cute things to buy in that area, it was hard putting it all back! I did end up with a couple of balls of yarn which is terrible because I’m just adding to my stash while I try to get rid of it *_*



One last kitty photo for the road ^_^


What have you all been up to this week? Something fun hopefully?

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