Seeing as I’ll be at IMATS this Friday, I won’t be able to do a Food Friday as per usual so here’s Food Ffffthursday!

So tea, I love tea. Sometimes I love tea more than James… or maybe not because James brings me tea so I’ll keep loving him more 😀 My favorite teas change depending on mood and temperature but here is my current top 5.

This is my tea shelf, it’s not very impressive at the moment and the only way I’ve been able to store them all is to stack everything. Do you guys have a fun way to store tea? I want a special shelf set one day just for tea 😀


Lupicia Grenada Described as:

A tropical black tea flavoured with guava and papaya. Blended with real fruit pieces and the petals of southern flowers, Grenada is sure to transport you to the tropics.

I think:

Kim turned me on to Lupicia teas, the man that works there is so friendly and helpful. He really knows his stuff too so I love going there! This is a great tea with breakfast, it’s light and refreshing and smells great 😀 Super fruity and delicious!



Twinings Traditional Afternoon 

Described as:

This tea has intense flavours and is a perfect pick-me-up to get you through the remainder of the day, no matter what you are doing.

I think:

This is my ultimate brain fuzz removing tea. In the morning or the afternoon… or any time when I’m not focusing as much as I should be XD Stroooong and delicious with several sugars and milk. My favorite way to have black tea is with 3 sugars and a tiny bit of milk. James doesn’t even drink tea, in fact he hates it unless it’s ice tea but he’s so good at making it now!

VioletLeBeauxDSC_1645_7534 T2 Sleep Tight

Described as:

This light, soft and soothing herb blend is for when the day is done and sweet dreams are all that is left. Gentle lemony mintiness from lemon balm combines with the sweet perfume of rose, lavender and jasmine. Calming and quiet, warming, mild and muted, this is a glorious way to say goodnight.

I think:

This tea is some kind of magic, I don’t know what it is that makes it so relaxing to sip but a cup of this will put me right into sleep mode at the end of the night. I like this one plane and non-sugary for maximum effect 😀








Zesta Jasmine Green Tea

Described as:

… no clue actually, their website appears to be non-functional XD

I think:

This is perfect for Winter, I like jasmine/green blends even more when they have mint in them but this one is pretty yummy too! Last Winter I practically had this stuff on tap, such a nice way to keep warm when it’s freezing outside.




Madam Flavour Green Jasmine and Pear

Described as:

For me, the scent of Jasmine evokes memories of the exotic tea salon tucked away in the Marais district of Paris where I had my first cup of this classic tea with my mother. We’d been happily wandering the streets of her childhood all day…

Green tea brings me back to earth. A smooth Chinese green, full of health-giving properties.I think:

The lovely Stef turned me on to this one. My tea shelf is a mix of fancy stuff and grocery store stuff. I can tell the difference but this one is so nice it doesn’t taste like supermarket tea even though it is. With a tiny bit of sugar added it’s absolutely delicious so thank you for the awesome recommendation Stef!


What about you guys? Do you have all time favorite teas or are you totally obsessed with a particular one right now? Send me your recommendations so I can give them a try!

Have you guys seen those magic Breville tea making contraptions? Michael from Craving Tech wrote about them a while ago and ever since I’ve totally wanted one, they look so cool! James said that it made my tea automatically he’d have no use anymore though hahaha XD

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