Time for some snapshots!

We start by me reliving my childhood with a slapband 😀 I loved these so much. They’ve made them much safer now though, this one is encased in rubber so you can’t poke people’s eyes out. Pft!


As I mentioned the other day James and I were invited to go to a press premiere of Crazy Stupid Love which is the new Steve Carell movie.Enjoy this picture of the back of his head while he signs autographs 😉


There was a cocktail party before hand and he gave an introduction to the movie. I don’t really follow celebrities so I think everyone was a lot more excited than I was XD


The movie itself wasn’t what I was expecting. It was billed here as being a romantic comedy but about 70% of it was quite depressing and angsty. There was comedy but not a balanced amount to be a romantic comedy. Lots of intertwining plots, there were some really good parts but this wasn’t really my kind of movie. It was still a fun night though because I got to see friends I don’t get to see often!

A very blurry Miss Super Kawaii Mama, Dave and Grace.


We took the train back with Calvin!


Miss Grace gets two photos because she’s awesome!

violetlebeauxp1050115_7521-copy James, Me, Candice, Dave, Vanessa, Lynda and Holly violetlebeauxp1050111_7517-copy

The trees are all starting to sprout now!


More beautiful buildings ^_^


A while ago I had lunch with Janice of Chai Gyaru and Shizuka of Heart of Pearl when Janice was here for Blogopolis, they are both so cute!


Awesome gigantic chandelier at Melbourne Central, it doesn’t look big here but it is huuuuge!


I wasn’t quick enough to catch a photo of the Tiffany’s tram. The whole thing has been coated in tiffany blue as a big advertisement, much prettier than a normal tram XD


This guy is my current favorite busker, he rides an invisible train all day and sways in time with it sometimes almost falling over. It doesn’t sound cool when I describe it but it’s awesome to watch, I can’t imagine how strong he must be to not fall over *_*


Sharon from Hear Mum Roar came to visit too! We’ve been friends online emailing for yeeears so it was great to finally meet her!!


Me on the steps of the state library 😀 I love this building too!


A very cute jacket James saw 😀 I totally want to make a whole suit of stripy material like this! Though staring at it on the screen right now is totally hurting my eyes haha.


More beautiful buildings and you can see the leaves starting to poke out, Spring is definitely coming even if it still feels like Winter!


One day I want to have a little window box like this, its so cute! I think if I tried to do one here our balcony would probably break off, it’s held on by very little *_*


The view from the top of Myer… because that’s pretty much the only interesting place I’ve been lately XD


And lastly, the view of the city from Costco… I told you I had a boring few weeks 😉


Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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