Fooooood Friday 😀 And it’s time to use the chocolate left over from last week’s decoration ^_^ To do so I’m going to make little presents for my friends… ok maybe I’m just going to eat it but we’ll see!

This idea was another one from a Japanese magazine a bajillion years ago. Cute little disposable spoons filled with chocolate fudge or chocolate something, I did mine with chocolate ganache. And I did it the laziest way possible which makes it even more awesome 😉




You need:

  • Chocolate
  • Microwave
  • Sprinkles/decorations/icing
  • Disposable spoons
  • Thickened cream

Step one, get chocolate.

Step two, try not to eat chocolate.

Step three, buy more chocolate.



Break the chocolate into small pieces in a bowl.


If you’re really into it you could use a double boiler system to melt the chocolate but like I said, I’m lazy. I used the microwave. Put it in for 15sec at a time until it’s around 2/3rds melted.


Let the hot bowl melt it the rest of the way, this way you won’t burn it.


To turn it to ganache you need thickened cream.


Add a spoon full…


Mix it very thoroughly, it looks pretty gross.


Keep mixing until it gets much darker and really shiny. At this point you’re forgiven if you want to eat a few spoon fulls ;P


Grab yourself some pretty spoons…


And put the ganache in! If you want to be anal about it you could pipe it in but that just dirties something else.



Once they’ve cooled down a bit you can decorate them. I used left overs from the last lot so I added a bunch of sprinkles.violetlebeauxdsc_0231_6981

And piped a heart and a V so it’s like saying “Love Violet”.



Let them cool in the fridge and you’ve got some delicious spoons. That’s it! These are great to take to parties or as gifts etc.


So now you just have to give them to your friend… yeah of course… definitely don’t just eat them all. I mean that would mean you have pretty much no self control huh? Oh… right.


Yeah, sorry friends who I said would get these.


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