Random outfit time ^_^


This one was for dinner with Kim, nice and casual but it was SO cold that night!Hat- Portmans discount bin that I sewed pearls to Scarf- Forever New Discount bin Shirt- SES Dress- Thrift Store Shoes- Present from Cat

Melbourne is going through like a second Winter right now *_* It started to get warmer but then all of a sudden we were right back to Winter!

I was trying out a SAX smokey eye palette that night and James was figuring out all the settings on his new camera ^_^

I can’t remember what this outfit was for >_< Maybe shopping? Random walking/getting out of the house?

Dress- Target Cardigan- Ice discount bin


I’ve been wearing my hair in these two mini pouf things a bit lately because it’s so easy for lazy days! Too bad I didn’t notice my lens needed cleaning and resulted in blurry photos >_<


This outfit was for a press screening of Crazy Stupid Love, Steve Carell was there to introduce it which was pretty cool. I’ll post the photos next Snapshots!

Jacket- Ice many years ago Dress- One Day in Paradise Necklace- Little Waltz



I finally finished that damn scarf too!


So yay now I can finish writing the beginners knitting tutorial and get it online 😀 This took so long to make I just want to wear it all the time haha!

James’ Mum came down to visit and we went shopping. I’ve been eyeing off this dress for like 3 months trying to decide if it was ugly or so ugly it’s cute… it was on the discount rack for $10 this time so she bought it for me. I have decided it’s definitely cute ^_^

Much shorter than I usually wear but I think it’s going to be a really versatile piece as a dress or shirt. It came with a scarf that I used as a belt to give it more shape. SO comfy! They were having a big sale so I totally want to go back.

Dress: 7 Angels Shoes: 7 Angels

Yay for sale shopping, have you guys found any bargains lately?

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